How to use the Emitters

Place the emitter cap into the emitter body aligning the cut out on the cap with the upstand on the body. Turn either left or right to No 1 prior to fitting into the hoses.

Once the hoses are in place and emitters fitted, turn on the filter tap and allow to fill the system. Dependent on whether the end user is happy to have the emitter drip over a long period of time or wants to irrigate in a matter of hours, then the emitters can be adjusted from a drip to a fine jet of water or fully open.

If over time any of the emitters become blocked, just remove the cap and flush for a few seconds before replacing the cap and resetting the flow.

The amount of flow will vary with each installation. The height of the filter outlet from the ground and size of tank being used will alter the water pressure through the hoses.

As a rough guide:

Approximately 8 litres over a 24 hour period.

Approximately 1.5 litres per hour.

Approximately 4 litres per hour

Fully open.

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