Commerical Growers

Using our system allows for many tank connectors as required to be mounted on tap stands and link fed from a water source that is either gravity fed or pumped from a bore hole, river, stream etc:

It will require a pressure gauge on each tap stand to reduce the water pressure to a maximum of 0.5bar (7.25psi), equivalent to a maximum water head of approximately 5 metres.  As many as 3000 emitters can be serviced by one tank connector.

We are able to offer hoses 125metres long, these can be supplied un-punched allowing for outlet holes to be punched using our hole punch, alternatively we can offer pre-punched holes at no extra charge, punched at centres (minimum 150mm) to suit your requirements.  This will require a minimum order quantity.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Aqueous Irrigation manufacture Irrigation systems designed for clean and dirty water, used for growing a mix of plants and crops. Designed and manufactured in the UK to offer flexible irrigation systems for home gardners and professionals.

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