Aqueous Irrigation system has been designed primarily, but not exclusively, for use in developing countries, where the end user does not have access to clean water.  Under such circumstances using traditional irrigation systems, they tend to eventually have blockages and may need to be replaced at fairly regular intervals.

To resolve this issue, our system filters the water prior to entering the distribution hoses.

If over time any of the emitters become blocked, just remove the cap and flush for a few seconds before replacing the cap and resetting the flow (please refer to the video)

Although our products work perfectly using a normal domestic water supply they also allow for the end user to take water from other sources etc: stream, river, borehole or rain water capture.

Our original products are mainly for use in large plots or for commercial use, using 15mm hoses.

These products will for the first time be offered to retail customers along side a new development of smaller irrigation kits using 5mm hoses.  These will be either 60 or 100 emitters.

All of our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, using high quality thermoplastic materials which will withstand extreme climate conditions, even desert, all of these products have the benefit of being fully re-cyclable.

Our products have been tested for 4000 hours, Xenon Arc, in a U.V. cabinet.

This is an accelerated weather test to simulate the damaging effects of long term exposure to light, moisture and heat. The results of these tests show that there was no alteration to the structure of the materials trialled other than slight discolouration, this would suggest that our irrigation equipment could offer a serviceable life in excess of 20years.

Although there cannot be a direct correlation between these tests and actual outdoor exposure, because the materials used have been supplied for years into the automotive and building industries, there is a proven record.  This historical data can be used to give excellent indications on how materials will perform over a period of time.

Based on this information Aqueous Irrigation are happy to offer a full 10 year serviceable warranty on our products.

Terms and conditions apply:

(A copy of these test results is available upon request)