General Information

Aqueous systems filter any large matter within the water supply prior to entering the supply hoses. Any small particles that enter the hose may over time block the emitters. With the Emitter design, it takes seconds to flush any build up of matter. Please refer to the video on our website.

Being a low pressure gravity fed drip system, the usual method of supply is from a water tank.
Obviously, the size of the tank is dependant upon the amount of emitters to be serviced.

If it’s intended to use a pressurized houshold water supply or a supply that is gravity fed from a source higher than the recommended height of the filter tap, then consideration can be given to using a tap stand. These are easily constructed using timber, plastic or metal as per illustration on our website.

Please read through this guide to gain a better understanding of how the system is put together & works.

Using this method will require a pressure guage regulating the water pressure into the filter tap to a a maximum of

0.5 bar
(=7.25 PSI)

equivalent to a maximum, water head of approximately

5 meters

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Aqueous Irrigation manufacture Irrigation systems designed for clean and dirty water, used for growing a mix of plants and crops. Designed and manufactured in the UK to offer flexible irrigation systems for home gardners and professionals.

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